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Centre for Acupuncture Treatment & Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine by Acupuncture Specialist

At Ren Yi Tang Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine Center, we have a team of professional and caring. Acupuncture Specialist in KL. We offer a wide range of Traditional Chinese Treatment for Blood Circulation,Health Nourishment by integrating Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine with professional Acupuncture Treatment. Besides the common Acupuncture Treatment, we also provide a wide range of specialized Acupuncture Treatment as well as other therapies medical treatment depending on your health conditions and needs. The specialized services includeTraditional Chinese Herbal Medicine Diagnosis, Gua Sha (Skin Scraping) Therapy,Cupping Therapy, Fertility Acupuncture, Slimming Acupuncture & FIR Sauna, Sports Medicine Acupuncture, Moxibustion and TCM Spinal Alignment. At Ren Yi Tang, our Acupuncture Specialist diagnoses and treats individuals based on the root of the illness while restoring his/her natural balance. Medicines are prepared in individual packets or sachets for the convenience of our patients to consume anytime, anywhere.

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    Ms Low Soon Yeen 刘顺滢医师

    Acupuncturist & Chinese Physician

       Ms Low Available in Ren Yi TCM Pelangi Sentral HQ    After completing her  secondar

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