housecall acupuncture

House Call Acupuncture

House Call for Senior Citizen or Disable Patients We Offer Acupuncture House Call Services for Senior Citizen above 60 Years old and patients, who suf Read More
ladies confinement featured

Ladies Confinement

Have a Quick Look !!!   Ren Yi Premium Ladies Confinement Package   Ren Yi Acupuncture & TCM now offers mothers the best of tradition an Read More

Gua Sha Treatment (Skin Scraping)

Traditional Chinese Gua Sha Treatment – promote blood circulation and strengthen body Qi Gua Sha Treatment is a traditional folk cure that is wi Read More

Cupping Therapy

Traditional Chinese Cupping Therapy & Treatment – the best deep tissue massage Cupping Therapy or Cupping Treatment is an ancient Chinese Read More

Acupuncture Treatment

Traditional Chinese Acupuncture Treatment Acupuncture Treatment involves the insertion of fine, sterile, disposable needles into specific points on t Read More


Traditional Chinese Moxibustion Treatment – blood strengthening & “qi” flow simulation   Moxibustion Treatment is a form o Read More

TCM Spinal Alignment

TCM Spinal Alignment – correct structural alignment & improve body’s physical function TCM Spinal Alignmentphilosophy has looked at th Read More

Sports Medicine Acupuncture

Traditional Chinese Sports Medicine Acupuncture – decreases injury rehabilitation time Sports Medicine Acupuncture is a broad and complex branc Read More

TCM Gynecology Acupuncture

Traditional Chinese Gynecology Acupuncture – helps in Male & Female Oriental medicine Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and TCM Gynecology Read More

Slimming Acupuncture & FIR Sauna

Slimming Acupuncture & Cosmetic Acupuncture – natural weight loss and detoxification Slimming Acupuncture gives results in the loosing weig Read More

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