Ms Angeline Low Soon Yee 刘顺怡医师

  • Speciality: Acupuncturist & Chinese Physician
  • Experience: 6
  • TCM Spinal Alignment 90%
    Herbal Medicine80%
  • Contact:

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Ms Angeline Available in Ren Yi TCM Setapak Branch  

Following her sister footsteps, Low Soon Yee enrolled as a student in Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine on 2006. She completed her housemanship in Shu Guang Hospital another 1,300 beds Triple A Hospital in Shanghai. After receiving her Bachelor of TCM, she continued her Masters in Orthopedic under the guidance of Dr Chen, Dong-Yu, the Chief of Orthopedic & Trauma Department in Shu-Guang Hospital for another 3 years. In 3 years times, Ms Low gained lots of experiences in serving trauma patients including diagnosing knowledge, pain management and also do Tui-na (Massage) and bone setting, while doing rotation internally and outpatient clinic.
In 2014, she joined RenYi Tang as a resident physician. With her participation, RenYi Tang received more patients with muscular and spinal aches and discomfort. Physician Low interests are in the use of combination on herbal medicine and acupuncture to treat pain.

“Ms Angeline is registered under Federation of Chinese Physicians and medicine Dealers Associations of Malaysia (FCPMDAM). SR000398/2012″

Licensed Acupuncturist and Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner in China



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