Slimming Acupuncture & FIR Sauna

Slimming Acupuncture & Cosmetic Acupuncture – natural weight loss and detoxification

Slimming Acupuncture gives results in the loosing weight process, as it reduces hunger, activates the metabolism, balances the function of several organs and stimulates the centre of will. This therapy conducted by our Acupuncture Specialist relies on the stimulation of some points on the energetic meridians of our body, in order to fix the low energy tides of the body in some organs, stimulating thus the metabolism, which is responsible for the deposit of adipose tissue.

Obesity rarely comes alone, so Slimming Acupuncture can also treat the affections that come along with fatness, such as improper secretion of insulin, high-pressure levels and articular pains. The great advantage of acupuncture is that you lose weight naturally, gradually, without having in the end hanging skin, cellulites or that unaesthetic aspect of orange peel.

See below where acupuncture works in the body by breaking the cycle of weight gain.

  • Appetite:
    Acupuncture regulates “the desire to eat” the patient. There is no way to control hunger, since this is just a warning that the body needs energy to maintain. However, there are acupuncture points that make up the regulation of appetite, which is nothing more than the desire to eat beyond what your body really needs.
  • Elimination:
    Another very common in people who are overweight is constipation (constipation constant). Acupuncture reeducates the intestinal system to eliminate feces constantly, thus collaborating in the body clearance.
  • Binge Eating:
    A compulsion is an even more serious problem than the voracious appetite. The compulsive eater not only takes pleasure in eating excessively, they also feel guilty at the end of his gluttony. It’s the kind of case that for many years was unique specialty clinics and now acupuncture brings a new proposal in order to minimize these symptoms. The compulsive eater is like a “junkie eat”, and should be treated a little more delicate.
  • Sleep Quality: 
    A person who sleep poorly, live badly. The low quality sleep is one of the aggravating factors of stress and anxiety in the modern world.
    One of the main points of acupuncture treatment is to restore the patient’s quality of sleep as well as its ability to relax even in adverse situations.
  • Self-esteem: 
    The imaginary vision that makes you fat is not the best. His aesthetic standards are changed, and often even different. When you look in the mirror, see the obese weight about 30% less than the reality offers. Know which is well above their ideal weight but think is not so bad.
    Thus, strengthening what we call “inner self” of the patient, it becomes indispensable to a good way back in the path of weight loss.
  • Anxiety:
    Every day in obese want to lose what you’ve won in years. And if not this way, he thinks it will not work and that too not worth it.


The obese live anxious, sleep bad for the mind and eats excessively agitated as if the food was going to end anytime.

Acupuncture acts on regulatory centers of anxiety as a soothing balm. With Slimming Acupuncture treatment conducted by our Acupuncture Specialist, the patient remains in anxiety levels under control and allows thus can control their eating healthily and even then with some rigor to your diet (which he never managed to do just because of high levels of anxiety.)

As can be seen, acupuncture “around the dragon” of obesity. It acts where no drug can reach. Chinese medicine treats obesity is not a disease or an accident, but as a disorder, a set of symptoms that should be checked on a case of a personalized approach to weight loss not only of the patient but also as a great improvement in their quality of life.

Below some questions quite frequent in some patients about weight loss with acupuncture.

  1. Acupuncture slims same?
    No, acupuncture does not lose weight. Who is the patient loses weight. One must understand that acupuncture does not take one ounce of person, but places it in a position to start losing weight.
  2. If you stop doing acupuncture fattening us all over again?
    Of course not. Acupuncture is not a drug effect passenger. It regulates your body functioning properly and places. After completed this process, the patient follow your normal life and returns to acupuncture when you want and / or need again. But that acupuncture does not become dependent on the addition.
  3. How many sessions will take me to lose 10 pounds?
    It takes enough. Each patient loses weight according to their body structure and according to the checking effort during treatment. If you follow a small diet associated with short walks will certainly accelerate the process of weight loss.However, if you do acupuncture and buy a box of chocolates on the first corner … the situation is complicated.
  4. It is true that the treatment is with a suture in the ear?
    Treatments archaic and the suture at a specific point in the ear has been eliminated over the years. Besides not provide the patient with a perfect balance between the body systems, the suture headset offers risks (unnecessary) Flash. There have been cases including amputation of ear infection.
  5. But then how is it treated?
    There auricular points (ears) that are stimulated yes. During the in-office treatment, this treatment is done with common acupuncture needles. When a session is closed, are placed small stainless steel balls (some professionals use mustard seeds with the same effect) at strategic points and are affixed with Micropore tape. This points accompany the patient 24 hours a day, do not leave the bathroom and last for about 5-7 days, being replaced in the next session. This treatment provides the patient with a very consistent and without risk of injury.Of course treating the ears is just one more detail in this treatment. Acupuncture performed on the body is indispensable to those who really want to make an effective therapy and with guaranteed results. Acupuncture is this. An ancient treatment while always innovative that fits the needs of the modern world.

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FIR Sauna

Did you know your body is holding onto toxins that make you feel exhausted, cause skin breakouts, and “trap” unwanted fat?

FIR Sauna or Infrared Saunas are a great option, and can significantly expedite the detoxification process. By undergoing FIR Sauna,it heats your tissues several inches deep, which can enhance your natural metabolic processes. It also enhances circulation and helps oxygenate your tissues.

Your skin is a major organ of elimination, but many people do not sweat on a regular basis. This may be due to wearing synthetic or tight clothing that does not breathe. Sedentary living and sun damage also inactivate your skin. Repeated use of the sauna slowly restores skin elimination, which can help reduce your toxic load quite significantly. But not only will it help rid your body of heavy metals and chemicals, it will also help kill off viruses and other microbes—even cancerous cells.

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