Modern Chinese Medicine 1

Modern Chinese Medicine

Chinese Medicine in the Modern World…

TCM(Traditional Chinese Medicine) is fast gaining interest in the world and also in Malaysia today. As the side effects of conventional drugs have become known, Malaysians are moving towards herbal medicine as an alternative solution. Acupuncture and cupping are also seen as an effective alternate solution to treat pain and discomfort in the body.

Most people today live busy and stressful lives. We know that in order to maintain good health we need to have a healthier lifestyle, but this can be difficult to achieve in practice.

The following words come from a Chinese medical classic which was written some 2,000 years ago, but they could equally well apply today:

“People are enslaved by their emotions and worries. They work too hard in heavy labour. They do not follow the rhythmic changes of the four seasons and thus become susceptible to the invasion of the winds.”

The ancient healing art of acupuncture and the therapeutic power of herbs can help us to restore our health and our internal balance.


现 代人忙碌于工作,生活和工作压力让身体不胜负荷,很多慢性疾病都变成了健康的隐性杀手。中医所说的情志,是指七情与五志的合称。七情,是指喜、怒、忧、 思、悲、恐、惊七种情绪;五志,是指喜、怒、思、忧、恐五种志意。中医认为,情志与健康是有着密切的联系的。黄帝内经《素问·经脉别论》记载“生病起于过 用”,黄帝内经《素问·举痛论》特别指出:“怒则气上”、“喜则气缓”、“悲则气消”、“恐则气下”、“惊则气乱”、“思则气 结”。也就是说,情志过用可伤人气机,损害健康,引发疾病。黄帝内经《素问·阴阳应象大论》更加明确地说“怒伤肝,悲胜怒”、“喜伤心,恐胜喜”、“思伤 脾,怒胜 思”、“忧伤肺,喜胜忧”、“恐伤肾,思胜恐”。