Gua Sha Treatment (Skin Scraping)

Traditional Chinese Gua Sha Treatment – promote blood circulation and strengthen body Qi

Gua Sha Treatment is a traditional folk cure that is widely practiced in China. Gua Sha literally means “friction for congestion” and is an ancient technique used to move stagnation and draw out toxins. Gua Sha Treatment is both diagnostic and therapeutic and works in principle with acupressure and finger massage by employing the power of touch with a Gua Sha board, which works on skin, blood, nervous and lymphatic system to boost circulation and strengthen the body Qi. The principle of Skin Scraping is very easy to understand: through scraping the meridian points, good stimulation is created. This can help the yingqi and weiqi play their roles, engorge the meridian points and improve local circulation, so that the potential for disease resistance and immune function are enhanced. While Gua Sha Treatment is most commonly applied as Back Pain Treatment to relieve the back pain, it can also be utilized as Stroke Treatment and to address conditions such as asthma, bronchitis, fever, strains, sprains and the rest. Learn more on Acupuncture Benefits, Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine and other Traditional Chinese Medical Treatments.