TCM Spinal Alignment

TCM Spinal Alignment – correct structural alignment & improve body’s physical function

TCM Spinal Alignmentphilosophy has looked at the way nature affects the balance of the body for thousands of years. One natural element that has a constant effect on the human structure is gravity. With postural imbalance, the musculoskeletal system cannot efficiently counter the effects of gravity. Combined with work and sports related activities, postural imbalances eventually lead to overuse and acute injuries. Successful and long-lasting results will require not only addressing the injured tissue but the postural deviations that created or predisposed the person to injury. At Ren Yi Acupuncture & TCM Centre we not only provide Acupuncture Treatment and prescribe Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine but also help individuals to analyze posture from both static and functional positions. Measuring posture in a functional position helps to reveal abnormal movement patterns, muscle imbalance and postural distortions that may not have been evident in the static position. Measuring posture is a valuable tool in not only assessing the cause of injury and pain, but it can also help to prevent it. Anyone from the casual walker, a desk worker, the weekend warrior to the professional athlete can benefit from this type of evaluation.

TCM Spinal Alignment is a procedure in which trained specialists use their hands or a small instrument to apply a controlled, sudden force to a spinal joint. The goal of TCM Spinal Alignment, also known as spinal manipulation, is to correct structural alignment and improve your body’s physical function.

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